Under Junction 33: A documentary zine

Under Junction 33 is my first digital photography zine. It documents the graffiti found underneath the Nene Parkway (A1260), Peterborough. The photographs were collected over several early morning trips to the location, as the sunrise casts an engaging light over the artwork and the architecture supporting the dual carriageway above.

As I was passing the location with my camera after what I thought was my last trip to the spot, I found the graffiti pieces defaced. The closing section, Vandalism2, documents this and provides the closing notes for the zine.

Under Junction 33 by William Street // Hosted on Issu – click the icon above to view the zine online

Please note: For the best experience, please view Under Junction 33 on a PC or tablet. If you’re using a smartphone, the zine is best viewed with your device in a horizontal position.

Alternatively, you can view and download a free PDF version of the zine via Google Drive here.

All work by William Street.

Contact: Instagram // Email

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