Welcome to my site. I am William Street, a street photographer from Peterborough, UK.

I have been practising street photography since April 2020; my work explores multiple facets of public life and spaces. 

Though I use street photography as a catch-all term for my pictures, as my subjects are diverse and occasionally unconventional. As well as searching the streets of UK cities for engaging candid scenes, I regularly explore more rural locations and incorporate elements of landscape and abstraction into my frames. The way I see it, if I’m on the street, then it’s street photography.

Why William Street? 

William Street, as photographed by his long-suffering and incredibly supportive partner.

My real name is William Lobley, and I’m a Deputy Editor at Bauer Media. I adopted William Street to separate my photography work from my writing and freelance career.

Ongoing projects

I have several ongoing projects on the go. These include documenting small city life, graffiti and streetwear.

My first digital zine, Under Junction 33, was completed in April 2022. A small physical run of this zine is planned for May 2022. You can view the zine here, or drop me an email for a free PDF version.


Gear does not matter – whatever you enjoy using is the best camera for the job. Having said that the gear is still fun, so here’s what I’m using: 

Camera: Fujifilm X-T20 | X-T3
Prefered focal lengths: 35mm | 50mm
Editing: Affinity Photo | Adobe Lightroom
Printing: Epson XP-15000


If you want to talk, let’s talk. Fill in the form below to contact William Street.

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