William Street, as photographed by his long-suffering and incredibly supportive partner.

Welcome to my site. I am William Street, a photographer from Peterborough, UK.

In April 2020, I started practising street photography. I enjoyed exploring public spaces and capturing scenes from everyday life. I regularly pounded the streets of Peterborough, Cambridge, Edinburgh and London, hunting for scenes to capture. 

On the street, I learned how to photograph, use a camera and view the world through a lens. In retrospect, I consider it my boot camp – a flurry of learning driven both by a newfound love for photography and the manic drive to be among crowds following the COVID-19 lockdown.

Over the proceeding years, my tastes have changed. While I still enjoy street photography and occasionally practise the skills, my photographic pursuits have calmed. I am much more likely to capture images from rural locations and landscapes. 

This goes hand-in-hand with a rekindled love for nature, hiking and camping. Now, I try to spend every weekend exploring and walking in the countryside, National Parks and coastlines. 

Why William Street? 

My real name is William Lobley, and I’m a Deputy Editor at Bauer Media. I adopted William Street to separate my photography work from my writing and freelance career.

Given my previous dedication to street photography, Street seemed like an apt choice. Now I’ve switched my photography style, maybe not so much. But, hey, I’d already built the website – so I’m keeping it. 

Ongoing projects

My main project is to take more photographs.

My first digital zine, Under Junction 33, was completed in April 2022. You can view the zine here, or drop me an email for a free PDF version.


Gear does not matter – whatever you enjoy using is the best camera for the job. Having said that the gear is still fun, so here’s what I’m using: 

Camera: Fujifilm X-T20 | X-T3
Prefered focal lengths: 35mm | 50mm
Editing: Affinity Photo | Adobe Lightroom
Printing: Epson XP-15000


If you want to talk, let’s talk. Fill in the form below to contact me.

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