Photo of the day: Camo, April 2022

If you’ve been following my last few P.O.T.D posts, you will have no doubt noticed that the little trip I took out on Good Friday was pretty fruitful. Well, here’s another one.

This was taken as I walked down the outside of Peterborough Bus Station. I find it to be a rewarding but tricky place to shoot. It’s a large glass structure, wedged between a multistorey car park and a multistorey shopping centre. A walkway spans the gap over the roadway.

All the walls are, well, not walls. They are large panels of brown glass, with sliding doors and dark frames. It’s a pretty ugly place, truth be told, but the shadows, reflections and architecture all leave the chance of getting some engaging shots.

Another tricky factor of the station is that everyone is just waiting around. That means they are often looking around, more aware of their surroundings and, by extension, me and my camera. You’ve got to move fast and quietly. If I get it right, I can even get a decent angle on someone decked out in camo. Especially if they are distracted by an addiction.


Unedited version

Camo // April 2022 // Unedited

ISO 800 | 35mm | f/8 | 1/500


All work by William Street.

Contact: Instagram // Email

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