Photo of the day: Red barge, April 2022

Yes, it’s another street photograph from my Good Friday walk around Peterborough city centre. This shot was a little tricky to get – I really wanted the candid scene, but the woman working on the barge clocked me before I could line up the ideal shot.

I hung around for a few minutes until I was just another figure in the background, and took the shot as quickly as I could. Like most photographs taken out in the wild, there are a few things I would do differently now. But, as it goes, I’m settled with the results for now. I’m sure it’s a spot I’ll regularly cast my eye over on subsequent walks.

Here are other posts from my Good Friday outing: Cody’s street portrait and the Good Friday Clown.


Thanks for looking.


Unedited version

ISO 320 | 35mm | f/5.6 | 1/500


All work by William Street.

Contact: Instagram // Email

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