Photo of the day: Cody street portrait, April 2022

On Good Friday, I headed out for some street photography in Peterborough. Being a sunny day, a bank holiday and a football match day, the centre was pretty busy. After photographing in the bustle, I headed home via the River Nene and the Embankment. Here, I saw Cody and his partner – how could I not ask for a street portrait?

Turns out Cody was a natural, and I snapped a few of both him and his partner. You can see the set on my Instagram post:

I’m a big fan of street portraiture, but I’m woefully unskilled and inexperienced in the area. Part anxiety, part apathy, I’ve always resisted asking people. But that’s something I want to change. My pictures of Cody hopefully mark the beginning of a new strand of my street photography.


Thanks for looking.


Unedited version

ISO 640 | 35mm | f/8 | 1/500 sec

Note: Usually, I don’t like cropping my photographs. I like using a 35mm lens because of the image depth and width it gives me. However, I feel in this case a tighter crop enhances this particular photograph. Next time, I’ll remember to take a few steps closer and open the aperture a little more.


All work by William Street.

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2 responses to “Photo of the day: Cody street portrait, April 2022”

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