Photo of the day: A1 Station, March 2022

When we were driving home from a trip away, we passed an abandoned building covered in graffiti. Though I was driving, it caught my eye and I knew from the flash of colour that I had to go back to photograph it. A few weeks later, during the brief, weird heatwave that hit in mid-March, I decided to head back to the spot.

It wasn’t a long drive back, it sits in a layby just by the A1, which passes next to Peterborough. I say layby, but even the tarmac that once made its entrance is destroyed. It’s derelict, through and through, and I nearly barreled the car into some bushes as I didn’t anticipate the road dropping away as it did.

On the drive out, I was sceptical about my decision to head back. I doubted my past self, but once I was stood in front of that shell of a building, I remembered that you should always trust your gut. 

I’ve told my dad about the trip; he tells me it was a petrol station once.

There are plenty more pictures that I’m proud of from this spot. I posted a few on Instagram recently, you can see them above. Expect to see more as single posts on this site over time. There are some of the interior textures of the old wallpaper, shadows and more graffiti that I’m excited to share.


Thanks for looking. 


Unedited version

A1 Station // March 2022 // Unedited

ISO 160 | 35mm | f/5.6 | 1/2400

Note: I was shooting with an exposure compensation of at least -1 that day. The sun was high, direct and bright, and I was keen to protect the highlights and details of the graffiti.


All work by William Street.

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